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Aug 26, 2011 at 10:26 AM

BCS to BCS migration: First run of CoI when?


Hi All,

We are migrating from BCS 4 to BCS 6

Our requirements,

a. BCS 4 has 7 years of data

b. BCS 6 needs 2 years of history (p12, 2009 to p12, 2011)

c. Go live is p2, 2012 (first collection from SAP R/3 and running of tasks could be p1 or p2)

d. PL00-30 is migrated into BCS 6 (no rerunning of tasks),

e. Conversion of many fields during migration (eg Items, Units, Groups), some fields disappearing, some new fields.

f. Tasks and document types are different in BCS 6

g. Target is the Transaction Cube (to allow future hierarchy re-organisations, restatements etc NOT possible if migrating to a Reporting cube only)

h. We required a clean run of CoI by p6, 2012 (at the latest)

Bearing these in mind, what should the following be;

-First period of consolidation on the cons units?

-First run of CoI in the new system?

-Manual adjs in target BCS system?

Anything else that we should consider?

COLLET Thibaud has a good blog here with the technical migration proposals; /people/collet.thibaud/blog/2010/10/18/sem-bcs--refresh-your-test-system-with-productive-data-using-a-datamart-interface but it doesn't answer these questions.