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Aug 26, 2011 at 09:54 AM

Dynamic action


Dear Eperts,

I am stuck with a problem in Dynamic actions,

There is a requirement of my client that if an employee is promoted from M5 level to M4 level, his retirement date should automatically change to 58years.

Now at present the retirement date for all is 60years.

For this i wrote a dynamic action as

* MOD,0041,,,(P0041-BEGDA),(P0041-ENDDA)/D


* RP50D-DATE1<>'00000000'

* P0041-DAR02='04'

* P0041-DAT02=RP50D-DATE1

this is chaning the date but if any other date type is there in DAR02, my condition is replacing that date and there is lose of data,

Please suggest me what should be the condition like to select retirementdate i.e. date type '04' from the IT0041 and replace the date with respect to the rule,

Here the date is fetched from the function: ZHR_DYNACT.

Please help me in solving this.