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Former Member
Aug 26, 2011 at 08:18 AM

Required start date in a services purchase requisition. How?


When hiring equipment (eg. a tower wagon), it is required to specify in the purchase requisition on what date the equipment needs to be available and on what date the equipment needs to be picked up again. So basically, the required start and end date of a service need to be captured in the purchase requisition (and copied to the PO and subsequently sent to the vendor).

The end date of the service is already recorded in the delivery date field. The start date can be entered in the item text. But since it is required to report on the start date of services, it is desirable to record the start date in a separate field in the purchase requisition. This way a list could be created with all the equipment that should have been made available by the vendor on a certain date.

Does anybody have any good suggestions on how to make such a 'required start date' field available? N.B. To make things more complex, the requisitions are raised in Plant Maintenance, so ideally the start date would be filled from the PM-order too.