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Aug 26, 2011 at 05:19 AM

New process in sub contracting


Please see how to get the below thing done.

Scope : To handle the flow of component sent for Labour Job 57 F4 , where apart from the Labour vendor has to add some of the materials in final product.

Definations :

Child Material A to be sent out from ABB to vendor for Labour work and addition of other materials from Vendor for the final assembly

Parent Material B is the final product which will be received from the vendor after the assembly & labour operations .

Kit of material added C is the material added from vendor side on the material A sent by us for Labour work & further assembly.

Procedure :

To send the material u2018Au2019 out for Labour Job :

u2018Au2019 is attached in the BOM of Parent material u2018Bu2019 & Labour Job PO is raised on vendor for the material u2018Bu2019. Since u2018Au2019 is attached in the BOM of u2018B u2018 , u2018Au2019 will be sent out to vendor on 57F4 challan.

Along with the Labour vendor is also adding some of the materials in u2018Au2019 for this he has to raise two separate invoices one for Labour & other for the material he has added.

Invoicing from Vendor :

Vendor will raise the invoice of Labour work on the final parent item u2018Bu2019

Vendor will raise the invoice of Material cost on the kit of material defined by us as u2018Cu2019

MES Entry :

Final material identifiable as one material ( Labour u2013 not able to recognize u2018Bu2019 + Kit of material u2018Cu2019 ) Will be entered with two separate invoices of u2018Bu2019 & u2018Cu2019


Two separate MRA will be done for Labour u2018Bu2019 & kit of material u2018Cu2019 & the items will come in stock.