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Aug 25, 2011 at 07:12 PM

Authorization by Functional Area (?)


Hi everyone !

I've already read this: [Authorization by Funds Center - Report Painter Review|authorization-by-funds-center---report-painter-rev; and I've got similar problem but with FM areas ...

The old authorization objects aren't active at my system.

In trx PFCG, I modify one user role and add this object:

F_FMBU_ACC (Budgeting: Account Assignment)

For this field name:

FM_GRP_FAR (FM: Authorization Group of Functional Area)

I found another object and added it:

F_FMMD_FAR (Funds Management: Functional Area (Authorization Group))

Field Name:

FM_GRP_FAR (FM: Authorization Group of Functional Area)

In that field name, I put the same "name" of group of authorization that I give it to the master FM Area (trx: FM_FUNCTION).

This is all what I must to do?

Can u help me please?