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Aug 25, 2011 at 05:55 PM

Purchase Order Accounting Accurals


I have an issue with the way the accounting accrual is working for my purchase orders. I have set my freight conditions up to pay a flat rate and this is working exactly as desired; however, when the accounting accrual posts it post an amount that is pro-rated. EX: My PO is 25 my actual GR is 24 it then takes the 96% and multiplies this times the flat rate and sets the accrual at the pro-rated amount. I need the accounting accrual and the freight amounts to be the same. I see there are two fields u201Ccond. Controlu201D u2013 A u2013Adjust for quantity variance and u201CCondit. Originu201D u2013 F u2013 condition supplement that I feel if I could change I would get the accounting accrual to work accurately. Can you make any suggestions so to how to resolve this issue?