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Aug 25, 2011 at 04:01 PM

Regarding spool error in SM37


Hello team,

In this scenario, Luton is supplying plant and others are receiving plant.

In one program, againt one material some PO and slaes order gets created,

if Luton has stock and if it is able to provide, it will not generate the spool and job get finished.

If its not able to provide, system will create spool in SM37.

This spool contains the order number, material and stock that luton was not able to provide due to less stock/no stock.

today when I checked the spool, its showing completed with 0 pages.

so I checked the job log, there I find 1 error.

Spool request (number 0000188200) sent to SAP printer LU17

Error reading spool request 188,200

Will any buddy let me know, what it means exactly?

is there any problem in printer?

Thanks in advance.