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Aug 25, 2011 at 03:48 PM

Definition PP formula for secondary resources.


Dear Gurus,

I have faced a problem with definition PP formula for secondary resource

The working time of machine was defined as follows:

SAP_02 * SAP_09 / SAP_08 / ZSAP_14

Where: ZSAP_14 is used in routine to calculate efficiency of machine (in %).

Then I defined the formula for electricity based on working machine hours:

ELECTR * (SAP_02 * SAP_09 / SAP_08 / ZSAP_14) / 3600

Where: ELECTR is electricityu2019s expenditure rate

Then I made cost estimate for finish good and tested this formula for one planned order.

I got the incorrect results with defined formula for electricity.

SAP_02 = 1 hour

SAP_09 = 1

SAP_08 = 18000

ZSAP_14 = 88,889 %

The quantity of finished good in planned order is 180 000 items.

The calculated planned machine hours is 11, 25 hours.

The calculated planned electricity is 918, 749 Kwh instead of 843, 75 Kwh.

Could you please tell me where the mistake of the formula for electricity is?