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Former Member
Aug 25, 2011 at 01:41 PM

BW to APO Interface


Hi All,

I'm very inexperienced with regards to SCM APO DP. Could anyone please help with one question I have?

We require multilpe Key Figures in the APO planning area that will be sourced from BW. These are basically, total order quantity, delivered order quantity and open order quantity.

My initial plans are to have three seperate feeds into APO into three seperate InfoCubes in the APO BW. Would this still be okay from the planning perpective to load the data from 3 cubes into the planning area? Our consultants did advise that it should be one cube but this could cause maintenance issues if we have to delete and reload the delivered quantity which will be used to generate the CVC.

If the above is not an option then could I add a characteristic to the APO BW upload cube that would identify the source of the data (by using a constant in the transformation rules) and not load this characteristic into the planning area? Again, our consultants advised that only the CVC characteristics should be populated in the APO BW upload cube

Any help much appreciated.