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Aug 25, 2011 at 10:20 AM

I miss SDN


Just for Fun !!!

Due to hectic work and some relocations

I miss my SDN friends

I miss the SDN Forums

I miss the humorous snacks from JB

I miss the strict moderaion by Rob & PK

I miss the sympathetic moderation by Thomas 😊

I miss the teasing replies by Clemens

I miss the solutions given by the experienced Brad.

I miss the dynamic internal table solutions( especially RTTI ) provided by Marcin 😉

I miss the valuable solutions provided by Naimesh( Though very rare ),Sandra,Suhas & Vinod

I miss the basic questions raised by the newbies 😉

I miss the most valued blogs in SDN

I miss the interesting suggestions & comments raised by Otto

& a lot more.....

For me SDN is a place to read,learn,understand,interact and have fun.

"I miss SDN"