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Aug 25, 2011 at 07:02 AM

HTML Business - Crop string on HTML template


Hello everyone,

I'm using ITS for WM Mobile Data Entry. I have to use Internet Explorer over handheld Motorola MC9090, this cannot be challenged.

As we are using IE, some weird behaviours occur. The most annoying is the automatic resizing of the screen when the material description is too big. This will make some buttons to be off sight.

I'm open to some other ideas, but for now (and since I don't have much time) I would like to crop the material description in the template. So, I need to deal with HTML Business.

Does any one have a clue of how can I manage this?

Somewhere here I must be able to add something to discard all characters after the visible first 17 characters.

                            <!-- line 11 -->
                            <tr class="MobileRow">
                                <td colspan="16" rowspan="1" style="width:11.2em;">
                                    `if ( 'RLMOB-MMAKT'[1].exists == "X" )
                                        'RLMOB-MMKAT'[1] = 'RLMOB-MMKAT'[1](17)
                                            if  ( 'RLMOB-MMAKT'[1].visible != "X" )
                                                    `<input type="hidden" `
                                                  if ( 'RLMOB-MMAKT'[1].disabled == "X" )
                                                    `class="MobileEditDisabled" disabled="disabled" `
                                                    `class="MobileEdit" `

PS- CSS style is not helping at all.