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Aug 25, 2011 at 06:24 AM

Pie Chart / Query : Top 3 and Remainder



I am trying to develop a template, which shows various exception information to the end user. There are approximately 20 exception scenarios which are analysed each night and data stored in the cube. This information is then related back to the end user via a simple web template.

I can show that data in a table nicely.

I have created an additional query with a "Top 3" condition applied, which results in the 3 exceptions that contribute the mos to the total being displayed. This query can then be used as the source for a pie chart, so the user can see graphically which are the most important exceptions to address.

I have now been asked to include a "remainder" item in that pie chart, or not have the pie chart add up to 100%. What the user wants to see, is what the top 3 exceptions were, and what all the other exceptions added up to, essentially the difference between 100% and the sum of the contribution (%) of the top 3.

I can write a query which displays the top 3, and include in that a result row which shows the sum of the percentages. So, for example, it will display the 3 and the total will be 87%, meaning the remaining errors contributed 13%, but how would I get this as an additional row in the query?

Alternately, is it possible to have a pie chart that doesn't add up to 100%. A pie chart that is incomplete in essence?

Any advice would be appreciated.