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Aug 25, 2011 at 05:23 AM

LSMW Vendor Master Fax Number and Mail address upload issue


Hi ,

I am using a LSMW for Vendor Master Fax Number and Mail address upload.

LSMW is using Standard Batch Input method using program RFBIKR00.

Problem is that the fields Fax number (BLFM1-YYFAXNR) and Mail Address (BLFM1-YYMAILADR) are uploaded correctly in the development system.

Same LSMW we have transported to quality system and it is not uploading the fields.

I have checked the structure BLFM1 in both the systems; there is no difference in the structures.

I am not getting the problem as the LSMW in both systems is same.

Please help me resolve this problem

Thanks & Regards,