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Aug 25, 2011 at 04:46 AM

how to execute the Planning Sequence in the background



Can anyone suggest me on how to execute the Planning Sequence in the background.

I know that I can run the Planning Sequence in the background by incorporating the planning sequence in the process chain. But the issue is with variables in the planning sequence that can only be filled with user entries. The standard solution i.e. storing the variable variant in the planning modeller and then referring variable variant in the maintenance of the process with which planning sequence is schedule is not viable with my current solution.

Current Solution:

1) Users are not authorized to run planning sequence from the planning modeler as such they will not be able to maintain any variable variants here.

2) The Planning Sequence is assigned to a Push Button in WAD. When this Button is clicked it will pop up the variable box. The user maintains the variable values and accordingly the planning sequence is executed in foreground. As the planning sequence is running in foreground, sometimes the user gets the time out error.

Solution Required:

Once after the process chain which triggers the planning sequence is assigned to the Push Button in WAD and when the user clicks the button, the user should see the planning sequence Variables and should be able to maintain the variable values. Based on the variable values maintained the planning sequence should get executed in Background.

If I have 30 planning sequences and each with its own functionality, then do I have create that many number of process chains to schedule these planning sequences in back ground. Is there any other solution.