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Aug 24, 2011 at 08:03 PM

Changing Base price before applying Cost sheet overhead EXIT_SAPLKASC_001


I am trying to find out if I can change the base price before applying the overheads from the costing sheet using EXIT_SAPLKASC_001. This seems like the right user exit - EXIT_SAPLKASC_001 SAP Function module - Overhead Rates: Calculation Base

E.g. if Labor is 100 and the Overhead is 10%, I want to apply a custom factor in the exit of 20% on top of the base price, and then apply the cost sheet overhead of 10%.

So what I would like is:

Labor base = 100

Labor base with custom factor through user exit EXIT_SAPLKASC_001 = 100 + 20% of 100 = 120.

Labor base with custom factor and then applying overhead = 120 + 10% of 120 = 132.

Is this possible with this user exit? In other words, can I apply a factor to the base costs before applying the overheads?


Jay Malla

SAP Certified Development Professional

SAP Netweaver Architect, ABAP & Process Integration Expert