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Feb 10, 2005 at 08:29 PM

LoadFromDataSource method and row number columns


Since I've installed the 2004 SDK, I've tested out using the LoadFromDataSource method to populate db data source bound matrixes.

It's way faster than the previous method of filling up db datasource bound matrixes.

However, I've run into a problem, since the method fills only the db datasource bound fields

Because I no longer use a loop to populate the matrix, my user data source bound 'Row Number' column no longer gets populated. This is bothersome, as it is nice to have a row number column in the matrix.

I added a loop after the 'LoadFromDataSource' call to fill in the 'row number' column, but doing that eliminated all of the performance gain found by using the LoadFromDataSource method.

Since it seems to be the SAP standard to have the first column in every matrix contain the row number, I am disappointed that the LoadFromDataSource method doesn't have a provision to accomodate this.

It would be cool to have this method take a parameter that specified the ColUID of the row number column...

Ex. LoadFromDataSourceEx(matrix.columns(0).UniqueID)