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Former Member
Aug 24, 2011 at 07:09 PM

Material Forecast upload


Hi all,

We are trying to upload material forecast weekly data by TCODE MM02. Our input file has 4 fields as below:

Plant, Material, Weekly period, forecast value

1101, 20222222, 2011/34, 120

1101, 30222222, 2011/35, 110

1101, 40222222, 2011/35, 130 and so on.

To create a upload program, we did the Recording and manually entered forcasting data in u201CConsumption valsu201D which will automatically copy this data in u201CForecast valuesu201D by the system. But as in TCODE MM02, this weekly period is already populated and display only field so Recording is not capturing this field.

for example: Period is 2011/34 (Week 34 of year 2011). This 2011/34 is display only and we want to enter forecast value "120" for this week.

As recording is not capturing weekly period so how we can upload it?

Or Is there anyother way to upload material forecast weekly data? (FM, BAPI etc)

Please help!