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Aug 24, 2011 at 01:10 PM

Display of 4 screens as in Debugger



I want to split the screen in 4 equal parts and show different screens/results in each one.

Now -

1. I first thought of using the subscreens. But subscreens are not flexible and hence, as resolution changes, the screen is not seen as same by everyone. It is sort of hardcoding of the screen according to developer's screen resolution.

2. Then I thought of using the split-containers. I thought I would use a docking container with expansion as '9999' (Creating virtual full screen) and then splitting it in 4 equal parts. This might have worked, but we cant embed subscreens in containers. (I guess). As a result I cant put a an input field in the container itself.

But I see the same thing in the debugger screen. The debugger screen does have exact half of my screen resolution. It is extendible. And it also has Tabstrip and Input fields.

What is the thing that I am lacking?

1. Can I have a subscreen with flexibility of container? (can vary in size or can take exactly half of the screens space)

2. Can subscreen be included in containers? how?