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Aug 24, 2011 at 11:01 AM

The stock consumption as per expiry date and not as per availability date


Hi All,

We had a requirement like below for our client:

While creating batch in ECC we put the expiry date for the batch as per the business requirement.

Suppose batch creation date: 01.01.2011

If in case the SKU shelf life is 1 year the logical expiry date should be 31.12.2011.

But here user can put any expiry date (there is genuine business reasons behind that), so for one SKU for one Availability date of the batch we can have 2 expiry date.

Please see below one example for the same:


batch-1 08.10.2012 720 19.10.2010

batch-2 06.06.2012 365 12.06.2011

batch-3 01.08.2012 360 03.08.2011

In the above case the SKU which is available first is having a long expiry period and vice versa.

As per standard SAP the stock which is available first will be consumed first. So as per standard SAP batch1 will be consumed first than batch-2 and than batch-3.

But our requirement is to consume stock based on the expiry date of the stock.So the stock which is going to expire first will be consumed first. In the above scenario the consumption should happen like batch-2 first than batch-3 and than batch-1.

The client requirement is to consume the stock as per the expiry date and not as per the Availability date (this is what happens in the usual scenario).

Could you please suggest how to incorporate this?

Thanks in Advance,

Mukesh Pandey