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Aug 24, 2011 at 08:49 AM

Multiple vendors against single shipment document


Hi All

I am working on a project where more then one mode of transportation are used .

1) I have configured routes and stages and assigned different forwarding agent against every route .

2) I have not maintained any forwarding agent at VT01N header level as i want to bill different forwarding agent against every stages .

3) Different stages with vendor assigned to then is coming In VT01N under STAGES tab.When i am doing VI01 there is no item and the error log message is "Item not created because service agent SP not in reference document".

4) My question is how to bill these different forwarding and handling agents against single shipment document.If i enter forwarding agent at shipment header level then shipment cost is calculated against that vendor only.

Please help me ASAP to get rid of this problem as realization is going to start very soon.

Best Regards

Parveen Thakur