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Aug 24, 2011 at 08:30 AM

Net Value is ZERO in Order


D friends,

I've created a condition type for Service as follows:

1. Cond Class= B Prices

2. Calculat. Type= C Quantity

3. Cond. Category= Blank

4. It is a manual condition

Now the issue is that when Iu2019m entering the Target Qty & Price, manually in the Sales Order for that condition type in the amt column (say e.g. Rs.10,000), then in the Item-Conditions-Detail, the system is showing following things:

1. Qty= 0

2. Amt= 10,000

3. Cond. Base value= 0.00

4. Cond. Value= 00.00

Hence the Net Value of the Document item (field: NETWR) is coming as ZERO.

Can somebody pls suggest why Net Value is coming as ZERO?

Thanks a lot.