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Feb 10, 2005 at 12:44 PM

EP6 SP9 - where have the portal logs gone ?


Hi everybody,

I just installed the EP6 SP9 sneak preview and it works well, but I cannot find the portal log files (default log, iview log, debug log, etc.)

On our project we run SP2 and under "System Administration -> Monitoring -> Portal" you find an entry to switch on/off the individual logs. This entry does not exist anymore.

The portal log viewer shows me three log files: applications.0.log, config_audit.0.log and defaultTrace.0.trc.

If I run the Logging example from the SP9 PDK, it should write an entry to the portal (or iview ?) log. When I try to view the log entry (from within the sample), an exception is logged in the defaultTrace.0.trc file which says: "FileNotFoundException: ..../irj/root/WEB-INF/portal/logs..."

True enough: the indicated "logs"-folder does not exist. (I think this is where the SP2 logs are found.)

- Is portal logging disabled by default ?

- Is this a sneak preview bug/feature ?

- Does PortalRuntime.getLogger(IPortalConstants.IVIEW_LOGGER) not work anymore ?

Any hints/ideas are appreciated !