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Aug 23, 2011 at 03:01 PM

Hierarchies Job Failing The job process could not communicate with the dat


Hi Experts,

We have a group of hierarchies that run as a separate job on the DS schedules. The problem is this when we schedule the job to run during the production loads it fails but when we run immediately after it fails it runs completely fine. So it basically means that if i run it manually it runs but when its scheduled to run with the production job it fails. Now the interesting thing is If i schedule the job to run anytime after or before the production jobs are done. It works fine.

The error i get is

The job process could not communicate with the data flow <XXXXXX> process. For details, see previously logged

error <50406>.

Now this XXXXX DF has only Horizontal Flatenning and it does not run as separate process because if i have it has separate process it fails with an EOF . So i removed the run as separate process and changes the DF to use in memory .

Any Suggestion on this problem...