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Aug 22, 2011 at 09:22 AM

Mopz ; Ehp5 automatically calculated queue doesn't suit our needs



We are in the process of studying the implementation of EHP5 on our Ecc6 ehp4 Landscape.

Our Ecc6 systems are connected to EP 701 Portals, so we had to some configuration on our sap

solution manager (ehp1 sp 26) before being able to use properly the maintenance optimizer.

Indeed, we have several business packages (HR,SRM, etc ...) installed on top of the Portal

In the end, it worked fine, Solution Manager calculated automatically the queues both for the ECC6 system, the

respective portal and the business packages.

  • Our ECC6 line will be upgraded to Ehp5 SPS4

  • Our Portal line will be updated to Ehp1 SPS8*

I guess that this combinqison has been calculated by MOPZ, so there is no mismatch issues, as it was observed with Ehp4.

But ... we also have another requirement regarding browser support, we want IE9 and Firefox4 to be supported after Ehp5 implementaion, and this can be done only by updating the Portal to EHP1 SPS9, according to the PAM.

I know that I have the possibility to select manually the portal queue in MOPZ, but then I also have to select manually the the XSS and Business Packages, and there is a risk of mismatch issues afterwards , isn't it?

I remember there were some SDN matrix with ehp4 (Portal, ECC6, iin order to identify that kind of issues.

Unfortunatly, I couldn't find the same document for ehp5.

Anyone has an idea on how I can adjust my specific EHP5 queue, and how much suport I can get from SAP regarding Business Packages compatibilities on EHP5?

Thank you