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Aug 21, 2011 at 11:24 PM

Italy Intrastat service/file



I have a very urgent problem for Intrastat Italy and highly appreciate all answers.

Instrastat Italy for import should work on base of MM invoice not on base of PO

Is this the right and only place where have to be done changes

SPRO: material management --> purchasing --> foreign trade/customs -->

periodic declarations --> control data --> data selecton control -->data selection control:

Which values are valid here: I assume B- Report: Invoice Receipt/Import Data: MM Purchase Order

When I generate file -both services and good are in one file-how it should be- SAP create two diffrent files as they should to be reported into two different sections or only one file? How to separate them into two different files if this is normal working of SAP?

What about credit/debit notes -are they are included in the same file or another should to be generated?

Thanks a lot for all inputs