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Aug 21, 2011 at 08:42 PM

Architectural Question - Random questions (made diagram also)


I had few questions regarding the Architecture of HANA with it's environment:

1) Can you look at my diagram and tell me if it looks correct? If not please tell me what to change. Link--->[Click here|]

2) Data loaded to HANA can be loaded from 3 sources; R/3, SAP BI, and non-SAP source (3rd party)? Am I correct?

3) Can data be loaded in HANA from SAP BI? If so, is this common practice or redundant (eliminate BI and store data in HANA directly)?

4) Replication is in 'near real time', what does that mean exactly, what exactly is the delay milliseconds, seconds, minutes?

5) Is it the responsibility of HANA developers to load data into HANA from non-SAP source? Or is it Basis, or 3rd party, or little involvement from HANA developers?

6) What are the options to load data from 3rd party into HANA? Flatfile? 3rd party software? Is there something built in HANA to connect to non-SAP sources?

7) Can HANA engine have both SSD and HDD? Or only one? If can have both, is that bad practice?

I really appreciate all of your help, I've learned more an this forum than any other place.

Thanks in advance

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