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Aug 20, 2011 at 01:19 PM

Message Only one appraisal document allowed


I created a customer development for that the employee can apraisal to his boss.

The system allow close the appraisal, but show a message of error.

We have set the indicator "One Allowed", because the system only should allow create an appraisal document for an appraise in the given period.

In teh portal how can avoid for tha not show the message



While filling a feedback form(Appraisal Document), got following error:

Only one appraisal document allowed

Message no. HRHAP00_DOCUMENT310

Diagnosis: If the Only One Allowed indicator (IT5025) is set, it is not possible to create more then one appraisal document for an appraisee in the given period.

What other suggestion can anyone share with me .

Thanks in advance,