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Aug 20, 2011 at 10:58 AM

Service Order and Sales Order Integration


Hi All,

Through the requirement class settings in customizing, I have managed to generate a service order in the background upon creation of sales order.

To achieve this I have maintained the following settings:

Order type = OR

Sales document item category TAD

- Item Cat TAD is linked to Requirements Type SERA (SD IMG->Determination Of Requirement Types Using Transaction)

-- Requirements Type SERA is linked to Requirements Class 203 (SD IMG->Define Requirements Types)

--- Requirements Class 203 is lined to order type SM01 (SD IMG->Define Requirements Classes)

I have also maintained my service material 'ZPBK001' in OISD screen. So, system allows me to create a sales order for this service material and service order is generated in the background.

However, my requirement is to not to generate service order in the background but just create a sales order. Then manually create a service order and also manually enter the sales order as an SDI settlement object in the service order.

So to achieve this, if I remove the service material from OISD screen, then system doesn't generates service order in the background but gives an ℹ️ Information (not an error or warning) message saying:

No entry for plant 1200, service object 01 ZPBK001 in table T399A

Its only an information message and when I tick it as ok then system gives another ℹ️ information mesage saying:

Error when processing Service order

So the result is service order is not generated in the background which is fine as per my requirement because I can manually create a service order and then manually enter the sales order in the service order.

However, during the creation of sales order, is there a way that I dont get these information messages regarding service order not being generated in the background?