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Aug 20, 2011 at 09:29 AM

Stock valuation Report problem in crystal



I have created Stock Valuation report on crystal & give parameter For Selection 'from Date' To 'To DATE'

I maintain 'On Hand' field for quantity available in between selected period

But Suppose I have Item code 'X01' having actual balnce qty 67 between 1 Jully 2011 To 31 jully 2011 when i run the

report by same date it display 67 qty it right but the Item 'X01' Sold out 5 Qty on date 2 Augst and i again run the report

between date 1 Jully 2011 and 31 jully 2011 it Show 62 qty but upto 31st Jully i have 67 Qty remaining but it show 62 this is wrong

so how i brought 67 qty upto 31 Jully in Crystal Report

In Inventory audit Report it show perfect qty on date selection but i want right value in my crystal report