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Aug 20, 2011 at 08:03 AM

New to SAP PI, I need more information on SAP PI Topics


Hi Guys,

I'm New to SAP PI, I need more information on SAP PI Topics which are related to Development and configuration.

i have gather some information please add more topics and major scenarios if i missed out.

SAP PI Topics:

1. Mapping

u2022 Standard Functions

u2022 User-defined Functions

u2022 Message Mapping

u2022 Multi-Mapping

u2022 Java, XSLT mapping overview

2. Business Process Management

u2022 BP Modeling

u2022 BP Engine

3. Design and Configuration

u2022 System Landscape Directory

u2022 Enterprise Services Repository

u2022 Integration Directory

4. Runtime

u2022 Integration Engine

u2022 Different installations of Adapter Engines

u2022 Runtime Workbench / Monitoring

u2022 Architecture

5. PI as Component of SAP NetWeaver

u2022 Positioning

6. Overview and Basic Concepts

u2022 Adapters & J2EE Adapter framework

u2022 Business Process Management

u2022 Mapping

7. Adapters

8. Technical Connectivity for communication with SAP and non-SAP systems

u2022 File/FTP(S) (File Systems / FTP Servers)

u2022 JDBC (RDBMS systems)

u2022 JMS (Messaging systems, e. g. MQSeries, SonicMQ)

u2022 SOAP (Web Services based on SOAP)

u2022 WS-RM (Web Services based on WS Reliable Messaging)

u2022 HTTP_AAE Adapter

u2022 Plain HTTP(S)

u2022 Mail (Mail Servers via SMTP, IMAP4, POP3)

u2022 SAP Business Connector (SAP BC)

u2022 Marketplace (SAP Marketplaces)

9. Application Connectivity

u2022 RFC

u2022 IDOC_AAE Adapter

u2022 IDoc

u2022 Proxy (ABAP and Java)

10. SAP Industry Business Packages (contain adapters and content)

u2022 RNIF 2.0 (RosettaNet)

u2022 RNIF 1.1 (RosettaNet)

u2022 CIDX (RNIF 1.1)

11. Advanced Adapter Engine Extended u2013 AAE

u2022 PI as Infrastructure for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SAP PI Scenarios:

u2022 SOAP to JDBC scenario

u2022 RFC to FILE scenario

u2022 Multiple IDOC's to File scenario

u2022 File to File scenario

u2022 File to RFC scenario using BPM

u2022 File to JDBC scenario

u2022 Idoc to File scenario

u2022 Abap Proxy to XI scenario

u2022 Idoc Flatfile to Idoc XML Scenario