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Aug 19, 2011 at 07:02 PM

ASCII character in barcode-PDF417



I have a requirement to print PDF417 BARCODE from smartform.

I need to print multiple data in a line item and multiple line items in a single barcode.(They ll be separeted by GS1 Auto Identifiers)

E.g (Not concentrating on the GS1 part at this point of time)

Line Item1

Purchase Order - 123456

Supplier Id - abc789

Line item2

Purchase Order - 123457

Supplier Id - def789

I need to use Group Separator (ASCII 29) and Record Separator (ASCII 30).

How should be my barcode string to accomodate

1> One line item data

2> Multiple line item data

I tried using _29 and also <29> as prefix to the string and generated the barcode from smartform, but none of them working.

While scaning I can see the full string including _29 or <29> on the notepad .

Is there any coding associated to create this string for PDF417.

We are not sure what ll be the scanner used in the production. Currently I am scanning it using a Honeywell device.

Please provide your valuable suggestions.