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Aug 19, 2011 at 06:53 PM

Multiline element in mail body - binding



Follow a explanation, but main doubt is about "binding". SAP ECC 6.0.

I saw in some posts how to insert a container element with multiple lines in the mail body.

I did it for PR05 approve and put tab "Comments" in a container element type "multiline". The user can write its comments inside this editor in "Comments tab".

I use its contents in a send mail task in the way the posts teaches.

One doubt: When we click to insert element in mail body and choose 3rd option, the system inserts the variable like bellow:


But SAP creates a strange binding from WF to task: TRIP --> &T_TRIP_OBS##&. It' a bug. It's strange and only worked when I created a binding by my self like this: &T_TRIP_OBS& --> &T_TRIP_OBS&.

BUT IF, I try taking out the first automatic binding, system says that element (in body, &T_TRIP_OBS##& doesn't exist).

Is it a BUG ? System doesn't know the correct binding to create after inserting this multiline element in mail body ? It indicates wrong elements to the new binding.

WHAT is the very correct way to do it step by step includding making the binding ?