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Aug 19, 2011 at 11:35 AM

Cannot Recreate a PPM


Hi folks,

My issue is like this:

The PPM GUID is an unique sap-internal key which get generated when any ppm is saved & assigned to the active model. This is the internal id which can be found in the table /SAPAPO/PMPMAP. This key also gets subsequently erased from this table the moment any PPM is unassigned from the model & deleted from the APO.

Example : The PPM GUID for PPM1 =PRODUCTNAME1_LOCATION1 is JaX0gGi40A}X00002XStUG.

Unfortunately this standard procedure is not working currently for this material = PRODUCTNAME1 in APO system, hence the PPM1 GUID is not getting erased from this table. Even after repeated attempts from our side to delete PPM1= 065310401_5003 from PA1, the GUID is not getting erased.

This is kind of a rare occurence which we have not come across before.

There is a work around possible in case this PPM could be saved by some name other than PRODUCTNAME1_LOCATION1; It would than get generated & the corresponding PPM would get saved without any fuss.

But we are unable to find the reason why the PPM GUID is not getting erased from this table.


1) We have run WUF & there are no orders pending against this PPM

2) PPM is deleted from APO by using /SAPAPO/PPM_DEL.

3) When we checked this PPM is t-code /SAPAPO/SCC03, but it gives the message : Plan 065310401_5003 does not exist.Create Object?

But we try to msave it it says : "PPM name PRODUCTNAME1_LOCATION1 has already been used in other plans

4) This can be corroborated from the table /SAPAPO/PMPMAP where the GUID is still present!!

Any pointer would be a great help.