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Aug 19, 2011 at 09:07 AM

Drag and Drop in FPM from List to Form GUIBBs


Hi Gurus,

I am trying drag and drop functionality in FPM between two GUIBBS(List & Form). I have set drag and drag properties in Feeder classes of both GUIBBs, when I tried with LIst & List GUIBBS it is working fine. But not with different GUIBBS like Form and List.

Can any suggest me where I am going wrong.

Code for enabling Drag & Drop

*** In Drag Source Feeder class get_defination()

 ls_dnd_def-type = 'DRAG'.
  ls_dnd_def-tags = 'TEST*'.
  ls_dnd_def-scope = 'G'.
  ls_dnd_def-enabled = 'X'.
  append ls_dnd_def TO et_dnd_definition.

*** In Drop Target Feeder class get_defination()

 ls_dnd_description-tags  = 'TEST*'.
  ls_dnd_description-scope = 'G'.
  ls_dnd_description-enabled = 'X'.
  ls_dnd_description-type = 'DROP'.
  INSERT ls_dnd_description INTO TABLE et_dnd_definition.

Thanks & Regards