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Aug 18, 2011 at 11:17 PM

Compatibility between NW 7.01 bi-java and abap stack support package level


We have a situation that we need to apply NW 7.01 sp8 to EP/BI-JAVA system, but our BW system that uses the BI-JAVA system will need to stay on NW 7.01 sp7. We are trying to find out that with NW 7.01, does BI-JAVA support package version have to match BW ABAP support package version? Can we have BI-JAVA on NW 7.01 SP8 and BW-ABAP stack on NW 7.01 SP7? we seem to get conflict information from different sap notes: note 1391286 says 'The dependencies between the BI JAVA Support Package Stack and the BI ABAP Support Package Stack still applies. That is, if you implement a Java Support Package Stack, you must also import the corresponding ABAP Support Package Stack (and vice versa)'. but note 1163789 says 'SAP recommends to have the ABAP and Java parts of the server on the same Support Package Stack level. For BI, however, the tight dependency between ABAP and Java Support Package Stacks, which had to be updated in parallel,no longer exists. The BI-specific Patches can be applied compatibly to a different Support Package Stack.'. since note 1163789 is for bi-java patch for sp, not for sp itself, we are not sure whether it is referring to the patch for bi-java sp does not have to match abap sp patch level, or it is saying that bi-java sp level does not have to match abap sp level. Please advise.


Jane Zhou