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Aug 18, 2011 at 04:47 PM

Performance after Unicode Conversion



I am in the middle of testing a migration from non-unicode to unicode. The migration seems to go fine and so far we have not found any problems with the functionality on the Test Unicode converted system. Our Response times in ST02, ST03 and DB02 are all very good. Although, when certain custom transactions and reports are run they are taking 10x's longer or more and in many cases timing out. There are many custom (Z*) reports and we don't think we should have to make code changes to all of these to make everything run as it did on the non-unicode system.

How can I debug this problem further to figure out where the issue lies?

I have traced one of the reports and found that a select statement is taking for every in the new unicode converted system but running very fast in the non-unicode system. 5.5 seconds in the non-unicode system vs. timing out in the unicode system

Here is the select statement that I seem to be getting stuck on.

SELECT vgbel vgpos vbeln posnr matnr lfimg FROM lips INTO TABLE it_lips


WHERE vgbel = it_vbak-vbeln.

Any ideas?