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Aug 18, 2011 at 04:08 PM

Vendor Payment - Cheque Assignment



I am facing one of the issue related to vendor payment. Issue description is as below.

1. We do have weekly payment parameter creation (F110) and one of the parameter was created on Wednesday.

2. Another job use to run for that parameter (where vendor name is mention) and creates payment document for open item for mention vendor (clearing document)

3. Then cheque will gets assign to all those payment documents created in step 2 using program RFFOUS_C.

4. There are total 616 documents selected by program RFFOUS_C but out of which this program assign cheques only for 590 documents and remaining 26 payment documents kept as it is and no cheques were assign and not even consider in cheque file too.

5. I am confuse why system not consider these 26 documents were I didnu2019t see any difference in document and all documents were having same payment method too. Also these documents is not block for payment that's why clearing document generated.

Can someone advise me where could be the problem?