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Aug 18, 2011 at 11:16 AM

BPC NW: Field symbol not assigned in BADi as Endroutine


HI Experts,

I have a problem when working with BADis as Endroutines in a TransformationFile.

Guided by the "How To... Use Start and End Routine" I followed the different steps and for the Start Routine everything works fine. My problem is when trying to call the TransformationFile with the Endroutine I get a GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED dump telling me that: Field symbol has not yet been assigned.

I'm using quite the same code as given in the How To. I introduced some checks, but I did not get any positive results. Can anybody help, please? The How To is made for master data, I assume the error comes from this side, but I can't assure it.

The code in the Badi is:


type any.

data: lt_columns type table of string.

data: lt_column_data type table of string.

data: lt_message type uj0_t_message.

data: lt_error_reason type uj0_t_message,

lv_tabix like sy-tabix.


lo_dataref type ref to data,

lv_cuenta_asig type zmap_cuentas-cuenta_asignado.

  • Assign importing data reference to field symbol

assign ir_data->* to IS ASSIGNED.

  • Create work area for importing data

create data lo_dataref like line of .

  • Create new internal table for exporting data

check .

  • Get CUENTA value from custom table or other datasource

loop at .


The error occurs when assigning the first pointer.

By the way, I'm working on BPC 7.5 SP07 for NW.

Hope someone can help. Thanks very much in advance,