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Aug 18, 2011 at 09:16 AM

Refurbishment with no serialisation of materials


Hi Friends ,

I have one doubt regarding refurbishment process .

As far as I know we can implement it in two ways :

1) with serialization of material

2) without serialization also .

Without Serialization we can follow these steps :

1) Create and order with IW81 .
2) mention the material no which is to be refurbished . 
This material can be any spare for which inventory is maintained .
3) in header maintain from plant,to plant and other imp data .
4)Release and save order.
5) Go to MB11 and save document for Goods movement - > to order .
6) Go to IW8W and save goods receipt document .
7) Close order .

If serialization is implemented then only extra thing we can do it that in refurbishment order we can specify individual material to be refurbish by mentioning the serial number under object list .

Can some body also guide , to effect the avg moving price of the spare what is necessary if serialization is not there .

Because I have done the above 7 steps but the avg moving price is not effected .

Also please correct me if the above mentioned steps are wrong .