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Aug 18, 2011 at 07:12 AM

Uwl Xml configuration


Hi portal gurus,

I am new to xml configuration in uwl. i am very much confused with xml configuration. i want to see only the tasks and notifications items in the uwl. for this i know that i have to edit xml file.create our own delta copy of the uwl iview. upload the edited xml file.

I'm having the following questions

1)How my iview will refer to the newly edited xml file. is there any property in uwl iview.

2)when is the standard xml is used and all other xml files included in the uwl configuration

3)is there any particular document which clearly explains all the elements in xml and what the particular xml for and when it is referred.

4) what are the properties useNavigationId and sap_uwl_viewname.

Any help will be given full points