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Aug 18, 2011 at 05:29 AM

Material reservation for sales orders


Dear Experts,

I was fancying that a reservation (material reservation -withdrawable relevant to location) created for a sales order(full qty) confirms the order during ATP check at delivery creation. I note that the reservation creates a requirement (which is understandable) but I expected the ATP quantity against which I am simulating the sales order delivery for availability check is should get confirmed considering this reservation as a receipt

Is this a normal behaviour. or am I missing to interpret something very basic.

Objective is: If I create a reservation manually (231 movement type) and assign it to a sales order, the corresponding delivery should be created at least for the quantity that is reserved or more if stock(ATP quantity) is available.

PS: For simplicity sake I did ensure that quantity reserved was also available on the base date (available against ATP)

What I do with these reservations later is another story.

Appreciate your replies.Let me know if more context or information is required.