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Feb 07, 2005 at 02:47 PM

How to integrate Websphere MQ as an external JMS Provider?


Hello to all!

I'm trying to integrate Websphere MQ in SAP Web AS 6.40 as an external JMS provider and I'm having some problems. As the use of SAP XI is impossible for me, I started using the built-in JMS Connector.

I've already read (and tried to follow) the documentation in, but unfortunately, it didn't help me that much.

It told me that the JMS Connector is the right place to start, and I already managed to deploy and define the Websphere MQ JMS implementation as a library. And from various examples I'm quite sure that Websphere MQ is an JNDI based JMS provider. But now the problems start.

According to the SAP library mentioned above, I have to enter the JNDI name to the ConnectionFactory in the "New ConnectionFactory" dialogue in the "Provider" tab. As an example there is the (existing) JNDI name "jmsfactory/default/TopicConnection". For doing the same with my Websphere MQ, I expect to need something alike.

Hoping that I'm getting the SAP library right at this point, I'm expecting to need a JNDI entry, like, let's say, "jmsfactory/WebsphereMQ/QueueConnection" connected to the class "" (MQConnectionFactory is the class in the MQ JMS implementation that implements the JMS interface "Connection Factory"). How can I put those Websphere MQ classes, that are implementing the JMS interfaces like Connection Factory, QueueConnectionFactory and so on

in my JNDI tree? The point is, obviously, no JNDI entry was made during deploying Websphere MQ as a library.

Or am I totally wrong an misunderstood the SAP library completely? Any help on this topic would be highly appreciated.

Best greetings!