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Aug 17, 2011 at 09:50 PM

Charm : Exceptional situation occurred when we changed status of ticket


Hello everybody,

We were in SAP SOLMAN EHP1 SP20 and we use CHARM daily.

We passed the sp 27 in SOLMAN and we don't see any difference in the behavior of Charm at this moment.

But now we have a strange error, when we changed a ticket to "in development" at "in test", if a task is not release, we have an exception error and the status is "In test", therefore before we had the error "Your task is not release" and the status was still "In development".

Moreover, we have to "recheck the correction" in order to see the real status error "your task is not release", but 'cause we are in rfu we have to redo the action 'in development' to reset the status and release the task...

Does anybody have this strange behavior? I've check a lot of notes, search on google, saphoogle, i've find nothing.

I think it's because of the sp 27 but i can't see why.

It seems that the error arrived because it tests if the task is released and after he makes a copy transport but there, he makes the error because he don't stop at the released task check.

I don't know where the problem is and how i can resolve it...

I hope you will help me.

Thanks in advance.