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Former Member
Aug 17, 2011 at 04:44 PM

Setup Keys in PPDS


Hi Experts -

I have one recipe group GRP_1 which is used by 4 different materials with 4 flavors which are slightly different( A,B,C and D). I have one setup group SG01 which is assinged to GRP_1.

I have a change -over time of 12 hours if I move from GRP_1(SG01) to GRP_2 (SG02)but only 2 hours of change-over time if I move from product A to B(since they are both the same group). However, I do not want to create a seperate recipe group for all 4 SKUs A,B,C and D.

Can someone help me with this requirement? How do I differentiate between the materials within the same group and create a setup matrix with combinatioons of A to B, B to C etc without having to create 4 recipes and 4 setup groups?

I tried doing some research on exact usage of setup keys but did not find a whole lot of information on this website. Can someone help me with setup keys if that's what can be used in this instance?

Appreciate all your help!