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Aug 17, 2011 at 10:15 AM

Import Skip, Can we notify!!!



Material Number is a Key field in matching records in Import map.

It is Set to Skip (For New materials in Incoming file)

and Update all Mapped Fields (For existing materials in MDM & Incoming file)

Now, My incoming file has some Materials which are currently not existing in MDM.

So, this import map skips that records to be imported.

How will i know that a Particular record in a file is Not imported??

in MDM server Log folder there is a File called 'Import@...'

This log says 1 record ''skiped'' and 20 records are ''Update all mapped fields''.

But is not giving any key information like this particular record or this particular material is Skipped!!!

Firstly is it possible to find it in MDM, or is there any workaround to find.

Please Help..

Kind Regards