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Aug 17, 2011 at 08:52 AM

HCM P&F form data change when reived by another user


Hi Guys,

I am currently working on an HCM P&F issue, and I would like to seek your expertise regarding the issue.

Here's a short back ground of the issue:

The HCM P&F is for Position Transfer of an Employee...

Initially a Sending Manager will fill up the form, one of the field in the form is the Receiving Manager field. This is a dropdown field, and we have developed this in such a way that in the front end the user views the pernr-ename of the available r.managers, and in the backend the program will see the username of that manager. After the s.manager fills this up, he will then send it, and the receiving manager will recieve the form with it's details in his UWL(MSS).

Here's the problem:

In before the sending manager sends the form the "Receiving Manager" field contains the name and not the user name of the receiving manager. But upon getting the form in the receiving manager MSS, this field changed it's value and becomes the username.

Note: this happens to some users, but not all.

All inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance