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Aug 17, 2011 at 08:07 AM

Support multiple SSO for InfoViewApp (without SNC)



I want to have two infoview login pages - one where default auth is SAP (secSAPR3) and another where default auth should be Win AD (secWinAd).


Presently, we are using SAP SSO as default from web app layer. User visits SAP EP portal > Launches BO Reporting tab (iView) from there and SSOs into InfoView (for this setup to work, secSAPR3 has been set as default auth in InfoViewApp/web.xml)

There is a new requirement to host InfoView at a different portal also, where the default Auth should be Windows AD (manual login) and prefereably, allow Win AD SSO (default BO Vintella)

How can I setup InfoViewApp to achieve the above requirement? Pls note there is no SNC in our environment.


-Default BO Tomcat setup

-No Hardware/software load balancer

-No proxy

My initial thoughts to get a solution:

1. Can I modify logonNoSso.jsp in such a way to solve my above requirement and give the InfoView URL as


2. can I configure my web app layer in such a way that based on URL or a given parameter, it will look at different InfoViewApp/WEB-INF/web.xml files?

3. Should I deploy a duplicate InfoViewApp, (calling it, say, InfoViewAppAD) and set Win AD as default auth in its web.xml?

Pls share your thoughts for the best solution?