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Former Member
Aug 16, 2011 at 02:06 PM

Dual Stack BW System refresh


Hi All,

We have to perform dual stack BW system refresh from production system to quality system and both are hosted on different hosts.For abap only systems generally we take online backup of production system and restor it to target and follow standard system refresh procedure.

We have followed same strategy for dual stack systems and perform same stpes as followed in abap only systems but afterwards java was not up and running.

So we planned to take export of database(ABAP+JAVA) and import it on target server.But since we cannot afford downtime for our BW production system so during export we unmark the option "STop Running System" so as to avoid downtime but our query is that since we are not stopping dual stack BW system then how the database will be in consistent state after import of database.

Also please suggest if there is any alternate best proceduere that ensures dual stack BW system refresh by ensuirng no downtime of production system.


Joy Garg