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Aug 16, 2011 at 10:44 AM



Hello Experts!

I've met problem about FM "SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE".

Situation as below;

1, create Sales Order(#1000 item1), with Purchase requisition(#2000 item1)

2, transfer Purchase requisition(#2000 item1) to Purchase Order(#3000 item1)

3, modify address for Ship-to Customer on Sales Order(#1000 item1) by FM above.

From record of Sales Order, by this modification, schedule line at Sales Order(#1000) is once deleted, and then new schedule line is created.

At new schedule line, though Purchase requisition is same (#2000), its item is changed(item 2 is created.)

So I have two Purchase Requisition item, though I really need one! This is the problem I'm facing to!

My PGM exports data of schedule line, such as delivery date. quantity and so on, to this FM, except confirmed quantity and Purchase Requisition and its items.

I think this must cause this problem, but I have no idea what to deal with this, as this FM is normal, not add-on, so I can't add exporting item...

Is there anyone that has met same problem? and solve this one?

thanks in advance!