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Aug 16, 2011 at 09:10 AM

Show Empty Data


I hope there is anybody how could help me:

I create a Bex Query on EA Data (Account with same Key Figures) the Query is its based on a BPC Cube. In rows a only the account and in the columns are the key figures. Now not on all Account are values in the cube. I say in Bex Query that they should show Master Data. In Analyzer there are all accounts also the account without values in the cube.

In crystal I only see account with values. I use CR SP3 and integration Kit SP3. I set u201CShowEmptyDatau201D to True but nothing happened.

As second solution I create a formula in Bex with the value 1, take it in the columns but nothing happened in crystal I only see accounts with values in the cube.

I donu2019t know what I could do.

Second I had problems with the general connection of Bex and Crystal.

In the normal way I create a new report with the Sap Integration Kit Menue. What is the different between this way and the way with the crystal function new report and use a new MDX Connection. In booth ways with the same SAP System I get different connection parameters. Which way is the right way.

In addion if i set Show Empty Data to True, i get ask for the query variables and after it show empty data is set to false automaticly